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Best Prices On Hawaii Car Rentals

by Fergy Ferguson

Are you looking for the best prices on Hawaii car rentals?  I often get requests for cheap Hawaii car rental rates from Hawaii timeshare owners.  If a Hawaii timeshare owner wants to take advantage of the significant price breaks you can get through Hawaii vacation packages, they are often stuck.  Because they already have their accommodations, they end up with an expensive flight, and an expensive rental car.  So they end up not really saving money on their timeshare at all.  So how does a person who just needs a car find the best prices on Hawaii car rentals?  There are a lot of choices out there, and I think I have one of the best solutions.

Go here for Best Prices On Hawaii Car Rentals.

Many of you already know that you can try one of the online travel agencies for better rates. When I find is funny, is that you will often find a better rate on the rental car company website. There are also other websites that are just set up to rent cars.  The problem with some of these websites is that they are often just “pass through” websites.  What this means is that they end up just sending you, via a link, to the rental car company website.  Yes, they may have a set discount factored in, but with a little digging you could find that same discount on the car company website.  Another issue you have to deal with on many of these websites, is that the “teaser price” does not include taxes and fees.  So when you get to the final page after filling out all of your information, the prices are significantly higher.  Now to be honest, most of us realize there are going to be taxes and fees on just about anything.  It just would be nice to know that up front.  Like I said earlier, I have a good solution for you.  You can stop looking, and searching high and low on the Internet, because I believe we have some of the best prices out there.

One of the best features of my solution for the best prices on Hawaii car rentals, is that all taxes and fees are included in the initial price that you see.  In addition to being able to getting cheap Hawaii car rental rates, you can also buy trip insurance on my website.  That is something that is often overlooked by timeshare owners.  Remember though, that trip insurance covers your trip, not the car.  I always suggest that my customers use a credit card that has a car insurance waiver coverage as a perk added to their credit card.  That way, between your regular car insurance and the addition of the credit card coverage, you have most of your insurance needs handled for your rental car.  Getting back to trip insurance….. this is the insurance that covers things like trip delay, lost baggage, and medical/dental issues on your trip.  So check it out, it may be a valuable addition to your Hawaii rental car purchase.

Go here for Best Prices On Hawaii Car Rentals.

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