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Your Seattle To Hawaii Vacation And King Kamehameha’s Dynasty – Part 1

by Fergy Ferguson

Initially, you may wonder how your Seattle to Hawaii vacation and King Kamehameha’s dynasty are connected?  I believe gaining a general knowledge of the family of Kings and Queens that ruled these islands will instill a greater appreciation of the Hawaiian people and their culture in your Hawaii vacation.  Kamehameha The Great’s story has been told countless times, with many slants.  What I will focus on when telling the story of Kamehameha The Great, and the family dynasty that followed, is how they affected the modern day Hawaii you see now on your Hawaii vacation.

Kamehameha was born on the island of Hawaii under what was considered truly miraculous conditions for his survival.  It is believed that he was born shortly after the appearance of Halley’s Comet which was considered very significant.  One of the Kahuna (priests) of the day warned the current ruler Alapa’i that a child born under the fiery light in the sky would be a “killer of chiefs”.  Alapa’i was nervous that the prophecy would come true and ordered Kamehameha be killed.  Fortunately the parents had anticipated this and sent Kamehameha off into hiding with a powerful aunt from Kohala.  After 5 or so years, Alapa’i relented and invited the boy back into the ruling family and he was taught the ways of war and diplomacy that served him well in his later years.

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Legend has it that Kamehameha had contact with Captain Cook and may have actually stayed a night or 2 on board Cook’s ship in 1779.  It was shortly after this time frame (approx. 1782) that he was becoming more prominent in the ruling class, in his allies, and also in his ambition to rule the islands. Under the rule of Kiwala’o, he was given the prominent position of guardianship of the Hawaiian god of war Kua’ilimoku, and the district of Waipi’o valley.  There was bad blood among many of the chiefs of the day, and backed by 5 chiefs of the Kona and Hamakua districts, Kamehameha defeated Kiwala’o and controlled much of the island. It still took him several years to secure the remaining districts and complete control of the whole island.  When he did gain complete control in 1791 he declared himself King of Hawaii Island.  This was just the beginning for a man who had decided that the best way to take care of his people was to unite them under one ruler.

So how does this affect your Seattle to Hawaii vacation?  I will get there, but I need to further the story along a little more.  My next post will cover the almost 19 years more it took to finally unite all the islands into the Hawaii of today.

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