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Why Should I Use A Hawaii Destination Specialist Travel Agent

by Fergy Ferguson

I get this question occasionally, “Why Should I Use A Hawaii Destination Specialist Travel Agent”?  How about I give you the top 5.

1.  A Hawaii Destination Specialist, particularly a “Master Specialist”, has spent may hours in classroom training on the Hawaiian Islands.  They have also spent time, and their own dollars, with on-site training in the Hawaiian Islands.  Many Hawaii Specialists vacation in Hawaii frequently themselves.  Everybody understands that it is always best to utilize a Seattle to Hawaii travel agent that has actually experienced your vacation destination.

2.  The Resorts/Hotels/Condo suppliers reach out to Hawaii Destination Specialist travel agents because they know we are concerned that our clients need to be properly matched to their ideal property.  A good Hawaii travel agent focuses on your experience first, along with the value of your dollars spent on your vacation. Your Master Hawaii Destination Specialist has  probably even inspected many properties to make sure they match their clients properly to the right accommodations.  It’s important to realize that these properties want a happy client too, and the ability for you to use somebody who has actually seen the property enhances your success in getting it right the first time.

3.  Your Hawaii Specialist travel agent will know when the best weather is.  They will know which area on each island is best for each season.   They will know how to get the best Resort, Hotel, or Condo for your money, and the properties that are true to the ratings they have received.  They will also be able to tell you when the best time to book is for the best bargains too.  They will be the ones to be able to tell you how far to book in advance for the “high seasons” or “holiday periods”.

4.  Speaking of money, do you want more bang for your buck?  The lowest price isn’t always the best deal.  Your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation Consultant will work to maximize your hard earned dollars to add to your vacation experience.  *****Think you can get a better deal via an online travel agency?  Just remember that once you get that deal on one of the OTA’s, you will be stuck with it.  If something goes wrong with the package, you will be talking to somebody that has a script on how to best handle your “problem”… not someone who wants to make sure you have a Hawaii vacation you will always remember.  Most travel agents always cross check several supplier channels to make sure you are getting the best price, and value for your dollars.

5.  Your Hawaii Destination Specialist will help you with choosing your activities.  This is especially important for new visitors to any one of the Hawaiian Islands.  We all know that there are the “main activities” that are always popular in any vacation destination.  Your Hawaii travel agent will help you decide which activities really fit your personality, and will also be able to point out activities that you may not have heard of.  Many of those activities may be low cost or free, and include an element of the local culture that enhances your vacations enjoyment.  This is one of the biggest benefits to working with a trained agent, they will help you have a better experience, not just give you a list.  

Okay….I know that you think that this post is nothing but an advertisement for the travel agent community.  Of course it is, but the truth of the matter is, when you are looking for the best rates all over the Internet, you may become overwhelmed with all the choices.  When you have a travel agent on your side, particularly a Seattle to Hawaii Master Hawaii Specialist, you can free yourself to focus on the activities side of your Hawaii vacation.  Let a Hawaii Destination Specialist build your next Hawaii vacation, and I am sure you will return home with the feeling of dollars well spent, and that special feeling of Aloha.

A hui ho….

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