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The Secret To Saving Money On Hawaii Activities And Tours

by Fergy Ferguson

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I was asked last week my “secret” to saving money on Hawaii activities and tours. If you are getting ready to travel to Hawaii, and want to book some activities and tours for up to 25% off, I have a “secret” for you.  It is called the A3H Gold Card.

If you have traveled to Hawaii before, you know that there are deals to be had out there on activities and tours.  The problem with some of the deals you may find is that you may have to attend a time share presentation to take advantage of them.  Another way to get deals is to look in the coupon and activity booklets that are in every ABC store, and in newsstands on the street.

Now, I don’t know about you but, I don’t want to spend 90 minutes in a high pressure sales presentation just to save a few bucks.  The other problem I have with that approach is, if I have no intention of ever buying a timeshare, it’s not fair to take up their time just to get a discount on something I want to do.  They will tell you that they expect people to “game” the system, but to tell you the truth, it just is not worth it to me.  That doesn’t seem like a secret way to save money to me.

Many of the activity and coupon books deals are either time specific, or are on things that you may not want at that time.  Some of the regularly advertised discounts have almost become a standard discount that the activity provider gives out for advertising purposes.  There is nothing wrong with these advertising deals, it’s just that you may have a limited number of providers for a type of trip that may be offered by many other providers too.  There are many ways a tour or activity operator can advertise their promotions, and this is a time worn avenue for many of them.

The reason I am writing this post is to tell you about an organization called The Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii.  The Activities & Attractions Association is the result of a 2002 merger between, AOA, (Activity Owners Association of Hawaii) and HAA, (Hawaii Attractions Association).  From the beginning, the A3H has focused on achieving specific goals relating to consumer protection issues, and developing standards of excellence in the activities industry.  This organization is also in place to give the activities and attractions providers a central place to offer their products to a broad cross section of travelers and locals alike.  That’s why they can offer meaningful discounts from a broad range of respected providers.

The next time you want the real secret to saving money on your Hawaii activities and tours, I suggest you buy an A3H Gold Card Here.

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