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Seattle Travel Agents Go Surfing in Waikiki

by Fergy Ferguson

Yesterday, on our Seattle to Hawaii trip, we started our day at Kimo Bean coffee shop.  We both had 100% Kona Coffee with a light breakfast.  After that it was off to walk the length of Waikiki Beach to the rent surfboards at the stand right in front the Duke Kahanamoku statue.  Take a look at the picture above to see that we were ready to take on the little waves at Waikiki.  We didn’t embarrass ourselves, but we grabbed boards that were not long enough for the small waves.  Warren and I were both surfers in our younger days, and thought 8 footers would be better for us than the normal 12 foot tanks they usually rent here.  Unfortunately the small waves lacked enough power and time for us to get to our feet before they petered out.  We both caught several waves where we rode them in on our knees, and Warren caught one where he was able to stand briefly.  We accomplished our goal of getting into the water, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

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This was a fun break from our hotel inspection tour in Waikiki for the morning period.  Warren hung out in Waikiki, while I rented a car at Avis and went out and toured the Ko’Olina Resort area.  Reyn Nakamasu gave me a very thorough tour of the J.W. Marriot Resort where the main feature is the beautiful lagoon that fronts the property.  I wanted to tour the partially completed resort by Disney, but was unable to although I did get a sense of what they are trying to accomplish there.  The Disney resort is scheduled to open sometime in the fall, and your Seattle Travel Agent will add the photos and videos as they become available to the website.  I also toured the grounds of the Ko’Olina Beach Club Resort which is a family oriented resort on another of the 4 lagoons that make up the resort area. 

For those of you wondering, I was unable to take time to play the golf course, but checked out at least 8 of the holes as I was touring the remainder of the resort.  I also stopped a few times to look closely at fairways, bunkers, and some of the greens.  The course is stellar condition, and I look forward to playing it the next time I come on a Seattle to Hawaii Vacation.

Today it’s back to a pretty heavy inspection schedule with at least 16 more properties to look at and review.  As it stands we have completed 28 properties as of now, so we are on a good pace to make our goal of 62 properties in 7 days.

I will probably have time for just a short post tomorrow, so I will try to fill it up with photos of some fun things we have encountered.

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