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Seattle Travel Agent Packs Only a Carry On for 7 Day Hawaii Trip

by Fergy Ferguson

I promised you that I would show you the end result of my packing for my Seattle to Hawaii trip.  Take another look at the picture above this post, you will notice it as the picture of all the items I wanted to pack in my carry on.  There is underwear and socks, 7 pair of walking shorts, 7 good shirts, 3 beach shirts, swim trunks, flip flops, and my shaving kit. The way I accomplished this was to carefully plan out what I would need, then iron it all so it could be packed efficiently. When traveling on a business trip, even on one that will last for 7 days; I prefer to not check any bags.  I want to get in and out of the airport as fast as possible, and as your Seattle travel agent, I really do want to show you how to save both time and money on your next Seattle to Hawaii vacation.

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You start with your empty carry on bag.   Then you build a flat base with items that don’t need to be ironed, like socks, underwear, and swim trunks.

You want to stack your shorts and pants so that the waistbands all alternate, so that the leg portions stay pressed and creased.  As you are stacking your clothes, you would then put tissue paper between each garment to absorb any shifting that may occur during transit.

The last items are my shirts, which again have been stacked with the collars alternating, and tissue paper placed between each shirt to maintain the body staying pressed and neat.

To end the packing and make sure that everything stays in position, I would fill any gaps or lose areas with my flip flops, and a laundry bag I hang in the closet of my hotel for my daily worn clothing.  My shaving kit goes in the outside pocket, so that I can get my baggie of liquids out easily at the security check point

Another secret to making this work so you don’t have to iron any clothes while you are on your trip, is to take all your shirts, and any slacks, out of the carry on suitcase and hang them immediately when you get to your destination.

As a Seattle travel agent that does travel, I like to go on my trips and either work, and not worry about laundry.  Remember to develop a list of what you want to take, plan out your packing space, iron everything for packing, pack it up and go.  I have just shown you how it can be done on your next Seattle to Hawaii vacation.

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