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Seattle Travel Agent In Waikiki

by Fergy Ferguson

Aloha everybody from your Seattle travel agent.  Yesterday was our first full day of Hotel inspections on our Seattle to Hawaii hotel inspection tour.  There were some pleasant surprises in the 18 properties we looked at.  It appears that the new kid on the block here in Hawaii, The Aqua Hotels & Resorts brand, has done a really good job refurbishing some of the older properties.  We have several more Hotels that Aqua has taken over to see, and we hope they have spent the same amount of attention to detail on those.  As I stated in yesterday’s post, it will take us awhile to put together a full overview with the pictures and videos we took, but we will try and show you one intro video tomorrow.

Before we started yesterday, we had to go find ourselves a good cup of coffee to start our day.  We walked down Lewers to a little place called Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  It was located right there in the middle of “The Beachwalk” area and lo and behold the coffee was pretty good, not great mind you, but we were surprised.  Obviously Warren and I are going to try and patronize the little guy, and although this appears to be a local style mini-chain, we felt they did a good job.

We also had dinner at “Sam’s” , which was a little tiny locals place sandwiched in between the 2 main roads in Waikiki, Kalakaua and Kuhio, just off the main section of The International Marketplace.  Check out the picture above.  There was exactly 2 tables and a 2 person counter top to eat, but that’s because it’s very obviously a mostly to go type place.  We were both very pleased with our dinners and I highly recommend this type of dining to anyone who comes to Waikiki.

Well, we are off to get some breakfast close by, and then we head off to hit the surf for a little morning relaxation before we do some afternoon Inspections out in Ko’Olina and up north. This is the part of Warren and Fergy’s Excellent Adventure that should be lots of laughs.

Tomorrow we will try to inspect 20 properties on our Seattle to Waikiki hotel tour.

Fergy, 206-623-2490,,                     Seattle to Hawaii Vacation Expert

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