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Seattle to Hawaii Business Trip – A Travel Agent Gets Training

by Fergy Ferguson

I am off on my Seattle to Hawaii business trip today.  Many of you will say, O.K. Fergy, what do you mean, business trip?  The truth is that as your Hawaii vacation specialist, I must continually be updating my training.  Every year, many times with the help of the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, something new is occurring on the Hawaiian Islands that I need to be aware of.  I also need to inspect many of the resorts, hotels, and condos that I will be booking you into.  It is important for the quality of your trip for me to be as up to date as possible on everything that is happening in the islands.

This last glorious sunny weekend in Seattle, is now passed and it looks like you are in for more rain.  I had a friend laugh at me when I said I was going on this Seattle to Hawaii trip.  He laughed until I showed him our training schedule for 5 days.   You have all seen these types of trips, up at 6 am every morning to start our day at 7 am.  Then after classroom training, it’s jump into a transport vehicle for site inspections, some activities, and finally back to the hotel in the late afternoon.  Then to top it all off there is a dinner function that will get us back to our hotel to actually wind down for the day between 9 and 10 pm.  The big benefit I receive on this trip is that after this training, I will be certified aa a Master Oahu Specialist.  I guarantee that this translates into a huge benefit for you.

Now I will grant you that I am going over a day early, and will surf or stand-up paddle board for the first day, then get into the training.  I am also going to have about 18 hours at the end before I head back, so in a way, I will be able to get a little Hawaii vacation time.  I promise that I will take lots of pictures and video.

So, keep an eye on my blog over the next week as I try to keep you posted on all the things going on on Oahu.

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