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New Activities For Your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation

by Fergy Ferguson

New Activities For Your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation

When you book your Seattle to Hawaii vacation package, do you think about the additional non-traditional activities available in Hawaii? I have already talked about many of the standard fun things that most people enjoy on their Hawaii vacation. Today I want to get you to open your eyes to the many other offerings for the active vacationer.

You have all seen the beautiful meadows and valleys of Hawaii. For those of you who don’t want to spend all day hiking those areas to see them, there are many alternatives. One of the ways to see more of the countryside is on horseback. In other posts I have talked about the Paniola, or Hawaiian cowboys. When you decide to explore via horseback, you will be guided by one of these Paniola who will give you so much more information about your surrounding. I used to go up to Waimea on The Big Island about once every 6 months to go for a ride with other visitors to the islands, just to get that special take on the land by a working cowboy. I have also been riding on Maui and Kauai. I highly suggest you take advantage of Horseback Riding in Hawai’i, you will enjoy your day immensely.

Another really fun way to explore is by All Terrain Vehicles, or what’s known as ATV tours. This is a blast because we all have that desire to cover the terrain in a more efficient and fun manner. Off road exploration itself is a kick, and the Hawaii tour operators make this activity fun and safe by making sure you know what you are doing first, and then taking you to spots of immense beauty and isolation. All the major Islands have ATV tour companies, so check out these ATV Tour Companies in Hawai’i

When you book your Seattle to Hawaii vacation package, I highly suggest you consider adding a Zipline adventure to your list of activities. My wife and I did one a few years back on Maui. The operators were donating a portion of their income to the preservation of some rare birds within the area of the ziplines they had set up. This only enhanced what was one of the most fun things we did on that trip. When you are safely attached to that line, then take a step off that platform for the first time, the exhilaration you feel as you glide across a span of valley is indescribable at first. You begin to realize as you do the next zip, then the next, that this may be the closest thing to flying that you will ever achieve. I personally look forward to the next Zipline Adventure in Hawaii that I take.

My Seattle to Hawaii vacation always includes something new, zip lining across a ravine or beautiful Hawaiian landscape is always new, and what an exciting way to experience Hawaii.


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