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My Seattle To Hawaii Hotel Review Trip

by Fergy Ferguson

Last Thursday, I listed the general procedures a Seattle travel agent uses when touring and reviewing hotel and condo properties.  I also promised to give you an overview of our schedule for touring these properties.  I work with clients with diverse ideas, desires, and expectations on their vacations; therefore, I tend to not judge properties by their price, but by their value to a particular clients vacation equation.  That’s really what this trip is really about, my desire for current knowledge to make sure I suggest the right properties for my clients desired vacation experiences.  We will also be trying to add in some fun activities and plenty of new restaurant and food experiences on our Seattle to Hawaii trip.

Our first 2 days of our Seattle to Hawaii hotel review tour will be spent getting into a rhythm of touring the properties, doing our inspections, and getting some brief video footage of the properties.  This will tell us whether we will be able to maintain the aggressive schedule I set to try and look at 62 properties in 7 days.  We actually hit the ground running on our first day and will try to review 5 properties by the time we end our day and get our first fresh fish dinner.  I will outline those 2 days today, and give you updates on our progress while we are there.

Day 1 – Warren and Fergy’s Excellent Adventure.

We will both get up early in Seattle and double check to make sure all is packed and ready to go.  I will go pick up Warren, we then head to the airport where we will get some coffee and a lite snack before getting on our Seattle to Hawaii flight.  We land at 12:30, our lei greeting and transfer should take about an hour to get to our hotel.  After check-in and quick unpack, we should be able to be out in Waikiki and working by 2:30.

Our initial 5 reviews of the following properties will help us figure out our best procedures to accomplish each one efficiently and thoroughly.

  1. Hokele Suites
  2. Aqua Coconut Plaza
  3. Courtyard Marriot (formerly Wyland)
  4. Ohana Waikiki Malia
  5. Aqua Waikiki Joy

That should put us between 5 and 6 pm, otherwise known as Pau Hana time, (end of workday relaxation) we will probably head to Duke’s on the beach for a libation, and decide where we are going to have dinner…….

Day 2 – Either we have a continental breakfast at the hotel, or go get a Loco Moco style breakfast at a locals spot.

 Reviews and Inspections – Morning

  1. Waikiki Gateway Hotel
  2. Castle Maile Sky Court
  3. Royal Garden Hotel
  4. Ambassador Hotel
  5. Outrigger Luana Waikiki

Quick Coffee Break…….Mid morning

  1. Hawaiian Monarch Hotel
  2. Double Tree Alana Hotel
  3. Aqua Palms Hotel & Spa
  4. Holiday Inn Waikiki
  5. Aqua Waikiki Marina

Plate Lunch at one of the local lunch trucks, then Afternoon Reviews

  1. Equus Hotel
  2. Marina Tower Hotel
  3. Hawaii Prince Hotel
  4. Ilikai Suites
  5. Hilton Hawaiian Village

Pau Hana Time at the Lagoon Bar, or at one of the other casual spots at this end of Waikiki. After that we will walk back to our hotel, get cleaned up, and then out for dinner at a new place we may have seen in our travels.

Tomorrow, I will show you pictures of how I pack for 7 days with only a carry on an a briefcase for our Seattle to Hawaii trip.

Fergy, 206-623-2490,,                Seattle to Hawaii Vacation Expert

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