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More Hawaii Vacation Tips For 2013

by Fergy Ferguson

Several of you have asked me for more More Hawaii Vacation Tips For 2013.  In addition to the original tips I posted last month, there are several more that I believe you should factor into your Hawaii vacation planning.  These are not necessarily insider tips, just things that we travel professionals try to pass on regularly to our regular clients.

Budgeting Your Hawaii Vacation.
I have posted many times about putting together a real budget.  The key to doing this properly is to be realistic with your expectations.  The differences between “beachfront”, “ocean view”, and “city view, or run of the house” are mostly about price.  If you looking for a beachfront, you need to be willing to budget a real price to spend for it.  Plus, a beachfront place is usually not going to be a “last minute” choice,  they are usually booked very early.  The second budget tip is to add room in that budget for all the new fees being charged by the airlines, some hotels, and car rental companies.  This is where a good Seattle to Hawaii travel agent will help immensely.  The last thing that is often forgotten about building your vacation budget is tipping.  Don’t forget to add an appropriate amount to your food and activities budget for that aspect of your Hawaii vacation.  So far as where you will stay while you are there, here’s another post I wrote on Picking Your Hawaii Accomodations for your Hawaii Vacation.

Don’t Forget To Always Remember Your S.W.A.
This is very important.  Sunscreen, Water, Aloe.  These 3 items are a must for your Hawaii vacation.  The sun in Hawaii is much more intense than on the mainland.  You should always remember to put on sunscreen in all the places (like me, on my bald head) that will be exposed to a lot of sun throughout the day.  Drinking lots of water is also very critical as it is very easy to get dehydrated in the tropics.  I also try to drink an 8 ounce glass of water for every cocktail I have too.  Lastly, Aloe Vera will take the sting out of the occasional sunburn, plus it will add that critical moisture back into your skin.  The top of my head sees a lot of Aloe every time I head over to Hawaii.

Take A Real Camera.
Most of today’s cell phones take a pretty good picture these days.  The shots you take with your cell are great for shipping updates to friends.  I will tell you from lots of experience though, nothing beats a good multi-purpose camera for really stunning shots.  You know, the shots that you frame and hang on your wall.  You really want the good pictures of all the scenery, activities, and sunsets for the pictures you will keep on the mantel.  I recently bought a small $100 camera that has a great zoom function, lots of different shooting modes, video capability, and is waterproof to 10 feet.  I snorkel a lot so this was a perfect purchase for me.  Later on this year I will be posting some great video clips of turtles and eagle rays I shot in Maui.  The sunset shot at the beginning of this post was taken with this little camera too.  I took that shot originally with my cell, but the colors were not as bright.  The point I am trying to make here is that you will have some memories that you will want to preserve in all their glory on your Seattle to Hawaii vacation.  A cell phone shot is good, but a real camera is much better.

Yes, I am Repeating This Again – Book Early For Peak Travel.
In the last month, I have had many requests from possible new clients looking for some popular Hawaii resorts for January & February of 2013.  As I stated in my earlier post, Hawaii is back as one of the most popular vacation destinations again, you need to plan well in advance these days.  Most of  the most popular Hotels, and resort areas in Hawaii have limited availability this late for the early winter season.  I am not saying you can’t find anything, just that your selection is limited.  If you are looking to book your Seattle to Hawaii vacation for later in the winter/spring season, or better yet the summer season, now is the time to do it.

As the year progresses, I will be adding more Hawaii vacation tips for 2013, along with lots of other Hawaii news and Seattle to Hawaii vacation specials. 

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!! (Happy New Year)

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