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More About My Business Trip To Hawaii

by Fergy Ferguson

I am exited to tell you more about my business trip to Hawaii.  These trips are critical for me to stay informed of new activities that will interest my clients looking for that special Hawaii vacation.  Our first full day started with a quick breakfast at The Hilton Hawaiian Village.  We then made our way over to the classroom where we were greeted by our two Kumu (teachers), Kainoa and Hi’ilani.  After a beautiful welcome chant, they launched into the real work of teaching us the basics of the Hawaiian language. Starting the session, Hi’ilani’s stories about her native culture and Ohana touched our hearts.  Then they both began to teach us the language.  Many of my classmates seemed to pick it up so fast, while I struggled as usual with this beautiful and melodious language.  I’ve been coming to the islands for 40+ years and lived on three different Hawaiian Islands, yet I still have problems learning the proper pronunciation. Kainoa and Stacey will help us learn the language for the remainder of our training time here on Oahu, and will test us on our language skills on our final day.

The remainder of our first day was filled with the wonders of the history and culture of Oahu.  We spent time at many of my favorite places!  We began at ‘Iolani Palace. It was here the last ruling monarchs lived and governed the Hawaiian Islands.  We were given a complete docent led tour and stood in many of the same spots Hawaiian royalty and many of the rulers of the world did in this wonderful palace.  I highly suggest that anyone visiting Oahu take this tour to better understand the history of the Hawaiian people.

We were then given the rare privilege of visiting Mauna’ala, the burial place of Hawaiian royalty.  This is a very special place and I am so honored to be able to have been given an overview by Kainoa.  Kainoa is a descendant of the Kamehameha family and his reverence was witnessed when he offered his lei to the Kamehameha family mausoleum.  It is hard for me to convey to you via the written word the mana (power) I felt while touring these grounds.  Check out my series on The Kamehameha Family Dynasty.

From Mauna’ala we proceeded to the Summer Palace of the beloved Queen Emma.  There we were treated to a tour of this relatively modest home by another special person, Aunty Sue.  Aunty Sue is an elder stateswoman of “The Daughters of Hawaii.”  This group that has been carefully restoring the Summer Palace and also spreading Queen Emma’s legacy of love and aloha.  This was again a very emotional experience for those of us who love the history and culture of the Hawaiian people.  I will post more about Queen Emma later, and the many good works she did for her people.

We ended the touring portion of our day in the spot of the great victory battle of Kamehameha to add Oahu to his Hawaiian kingdom, Nu’uanu Pali.  When you walk up the pathway to the cliff where the Oahu warriors were either forced to jump or stand and fight their last battle, you can feel their presence.  It was a very bloody end to a battle which Kamehameha had to win to continue his quest to unite the Hawaiian Island chain.  This part of Hawaiian history is hard to understand sometimes.  For me, it’s hard to accept that at one time the Hawaiian people were so warlike.  I’ve had the honor of getting to know the Hawaiian people, who are so gentle and loving of all things and people who surround them.

When I go on my business trips to Hawaii, these experiences help me to better explain to my clients what makes a Hawaii vacation so special.  When you visit the Hawaiian people and the beautiful islands they live on, I hope you will all get to experience this type of day too.

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