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How To Choose Your Hawaii Hotel

by Fergy Ferguson

Are you trying to figure out how to choose your Hawaii Hotel?   I thought I would give you a few pointers on what to look for in your Seattle to Hawaii vacation accommodations.  When examining all of your options, you will find that you have a large number of resorts, hotels and condos to choose from.  So, how do you know which hotel is right for you?  Continue reading on to find out.

I often start by finding out which island, and location on that island, will best suit my clients wants and needs.  An example would be, if you will be staying on Big Island, do you want to be in Kailua-Kona, up north in the Kohala district, or on the Hilo side? The less you have to travel, the more you are likely to enjoy your vacation.  For that reason, examine hotels that are located near what you want to do and see, like the beach or the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, should you choose to visit Big Island.

You will want a Hawaii hotel that has affordable rates in the category you are used to.  After all, why pay more than you need to?  When you save money on a hotel, you can spend your money to improve other important parts of your Hawaii vacation, such as your dining experiences, entertainment, and activities.  When looking for the best hotel deals, I suggest you start your research with online travel websites, which often have all the information to help you decide on a specific property.  You do have to make sure that you check several differing places as sometimes the information may be out of date.  Always remember that a Hawaii travel specialist can often get you the same or better rates than you find online, and they will have more up to date information on your final choice.

You will also want to examine on-site services and facilities for your Seattle to Hawaii vacation.  Try to list out what you really need and want.  Many Hawaii hotels, you will find, can double as mini vacation resorts.  This is mostly due in part to the on-site features and facilities they have.  For example, many hotels, and even some condos, have on-site swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants, oceanfront bars, spas, salons, volleyball nets, or tennis courts.  With that said, be sure you are provided with on-site services that you need or can benefit from gaining access to.  Room service and a dry cleaning service may sound nice to have, but do you really need to have them?  If not, you may be able to find a more affordable rate.  You can always do without some things, but by listing out what you really want, you can narrow down your list quickly and focus on the properties you really want to stay in.

Even if you plan to spend most of your vacation out exploring Hawaii, it is still a good idea to choose a Hawaii hotel or condo that has attractive features, services and makes you feel comfortable.  You will want to stay in a place that you feel at home in.  That is why pictures should be examined.  Do you actually like the hotel?  If not, you should move on.  Many hotel websites and online travel websites have pictures of the hotel and their rooms posted; be sure to examine them.  Although optional, you will want to closely examine beachfront Hawaii hotels.  I highly recommend staying either beachfront or at least having an ocean view, it is gives you that true Hawaii experience.  You also gain easy access to the ocean, which is nice if you are looking to enjoy a few beach activities, like swimming, snorkeling, or surfing.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to keep in mind.  As a reminder, even if you intend to spend time away from your hotel, it is still nice to have a comfortable and beautiful hotel to come back to after a day filled with fun and excitement.  Planning your Seattle to Hawaii vacation can be just as much fun as the actual vacation when you know what you want.

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