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Hawaii Vacation Tips For 2013

by Fergy Ferguson

Have you been looking for Hawaii Vacation Tips For 2013, specifically the upcoming winter season?   I just got back from a trip down to California to see my Dad.  On both my plane rides, I was asked by several people sitting around me about Hawaii tips, or secrets to having a good time on a Hawaii Vacation.

The way this all got started was after everybody got comfortable in their seats.  It was really wet and windy on both my trips, and the main topic of the conversation was all the warm rain hitting us from the famous Hawaii “Pineapple Express” jet-stream over the last week to 10 days.  Somebody said that it looked we would be getting it for the next week to 10 days too, so I said, “yes, and it’s dry and sunny there in Hawaii”.  One thing led to another, so I am writing this short blog post to give you just a few tips to think about when planning your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation for 2013.

Book Early.  The days of last minute deals to Hawaii, particularly in the peak winter travel season, are numbered.  You might be able to see deals advertised, but more than likely, all the best rooms and locations will be booked solid.  We have been seeing some good airfare deals, but hotel occupancy has been running at record high levels for all of 2012, and advanced bookings are already ahead of last year.

Be Flexible.  Try to stay away from the heavy travel dates around holidays or during the peak Spring Break weeks.  As an example for those of you on a strict budget, you can get a much better deal traveling in early January, or late April, than you can get for the same Hawaii Vacation Package around Presidents Day or late March.  If you have to travel during those times, follow the first tip above, or the one right after this tip to get a better value for your dollars.

Mid-Week Travel.  Even more than before, mid-week travel is the way to get the best deals, and more availability on your favorite resort, hotel, or condo.  I have always counseled my clients that mid-week travel is generally better for the wallet, and a much less stressful a way to travel to Hawaii.  You can really feel the difference at the airport, and on-island, in everybody’s mood when things are not as hectic as weekend travel can be.  The other thing to consider is that all the really savvy travelers always travel during the mid-week.

Pick The Right Accommodations.  As a Master Hawaii Destination Specialist, I always ask my potential new clients lots of questions about their upcoming trip.  I focus on what their normal level of hotel is, their anticipated activities, and what they want out of their vacation.  I have clients who love the idea of staying in a resort that has it all right there.  I have clients who will be spending most of their time exploring, so they need a clean, comfortable “base of operations” type of hotel only.  I have families who will be active, yet want to be able to cook and prepare meals to save on restaurant costs.  And I have lots of clients who want a combination of many of those same elements above, yet more secluded.  What is really funny though is that I can’t believe how many people will sacrifice their enjoyment of their big vacation because of a few dollars.  I am here to tell you that Hawaii has every range of accommodations out there, so you might as well look into making sure you get the right one.  You can do lots of research on your own, or you can utilize a Hawaii specialist like me.  The point is, spend the time to get it right, or use a trained Hawaii expert who will steer you clear of wasting your precious vacation dollars on the wrong fit for a hotel, resort, or condo.

Book Your Main Activities Early.  Let’s face it here, the best activities always sell out days in advance.  There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to go on that dream whale watch tour, zip-line adventure, or even a tour of the Iolani Palace, only to find out that all the days of your vacation are booked because you thought you would wait for a deal over there.  Don’t get me wrong here, you can get some great deals on some great activities while you are there.  The key tip here is that, there is a reason the most popular are sold out early, the best tours generally don’t need to discount to fill their reservation book.

These are just a few of my Hawaii Vacation Tips For 2013, look for more to follow in the coming weeks.  I will also be watching for best deals from the major Hawaii Vacation packagers as they roll out their specials soon, and will keep you posted.

A hui ho…

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