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Getting A Deal On Your Hawaii Vacation

by Fergy Ferguson

Are you looking for ways of Getting A Deal On Your Hawaii Vacation?  I have been contacted recently by several potential clients trying to book last minute Seattle to Hawaii vacation packages.   As I have stated in earlier posts in the last 6 to 9 months, last-minute booking of Hawaii vacations during the high season’s are pretty difficult these days.  The US economy is coming back, and so is the traffic from the east to Hawaii too!   What this means is that Hawaii set records last year for the amount of visitors, and the amount they spent.  This also means that hotels, resorts, condos, and all the accommodations on the islands are filling faster, and earlier.

What is unique this year is that we are not having any problems booking flights at reasonable prices.  The difficulty is in getting adequate accommodations.  All of the best locations, whether they are hotels, resorts, or condos, are filling up 90 to 180 days in advance for the winter season, and also for the upcoming summer season.  I booked many of my regular clients for winter vacations back in September & October.  That old saying “No room at the Inn” is becoming the norm in any of the high season’s for Hawaii vacations, for those who wait.  That doesn’t mean you can’t find deals for your Seattle to Hawaii vacation packages.

5 Ways To Pick Your Hawaii Accommodations

If you are serious about any winter or spring getaways to Hawaii this year, start looking, and booking mid-March or later now.  I suggest you also start thinking about Hawaii’s “value season”.  By booking a Hawaii vacation in the time period of April 20th to May 25th you can get your best deal.  This little window in time can net you a package for hundreds, or thousands less than that spring break time period.

Are there any other good tips to get good deal on your next Seattle to Hawaii vacation?  You bet…..there are plenty of ways to assure you spend your Hawaii vacation dollars wisely.  Obviously, the main way to get the accommodations and dates you want, is to revert to the old ways of booking your Hawaii vacation package.  Decide on your accomodations, and book early.  What this entails is planning ahead a little.  Next, contact your local Hawaii Destination Specialist Travel Agent.  I promise, it won’t hurt.  Think of it this way, by booking ahead and utilizing a professional, you will have more time to dream and save for that special activity you always wanted to do…..there are plenty other tips that I will go over in future posts.

I just want you to take away 3 things today when you are looking for a Seattle to Hawaii vacation deal.  Number 1 is….book early to get the best rooms, dates, and rates.  Number 2 is to contact a Hawaii Destination Specialist travel agent.  Number 3 is to be flexible.  Some of the best deals come to people who can change their travel dates by a few days or weeks.  Another reason why I focus on flexibility for my regular clientele, is that I can often get extras thrown in if they are willing to move their dates a little.

My next post will focus on reasons why you should book your next Hawaii vacation with a Hawaii Destination Specialist.

A hui ho….

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