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Best Inexpensive Luau Show In Maui

by Fergy Ferguson

Ssshhh, I know where the best inexpensive Luau show in Maui is.  Last night Sheila and I went up to Napili to watch the sunset and to decide where we were going to eat for the night.  We had decided to go up there because the conditions looked right for a green flash.  We did not see a green flash but watched as a strong south swell turned the little bay into a perfect place to watch the big waves roll in. 

I digress though and should get back to reason for this post.   After our trip up to Napili Bay, we decided to go into Lahaina for dinner at a place we had not eaten at before.  One of our friends here in Maui had suggested that it would be a great casual and inexpensive place to eat one night when we wanted to try something different.  They also said that if we got there around 6:30 to 7, we would get a special “extra” treat.

The place is called Betty’s Beach Cafe, and is located in the 505 Front Street shopping complex at the south end of Front street.  Sheila had the Mahi-Mahi grilled, and I had it as a sandwich.  We also had a drink and their signature desert, an ice cream pie that was very good.  This all ran us about $45 bucks not including the tip.  The food was good and the service was too.  This little place is a little gem and has an awesome happy hour too.

 Here’s the extra special part.  The Feast at Lele, a formal 5  course luau, is held on the grounds directly in front of Betty’s.  What this means is that with your inexpensive dinner, drinks, and dessert, you get a direct look at the luau show going on.  Here’s another thing to consider, moost luau’s will cost you from $80 to $120 bucks PER PERSON, so this is definitely the best bargain in town.   The next time you are in Lahaina, I suggest you give this little out of the way cafe’ a shot.

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