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Best Beaches For Your Hawaii Vacation

by Fergy Ferguson

Hawaii Beach

Would you like to find the best beaches for your Hawaii vacation?  For some, the beautiful beaches of Hawaii may be the biggest draw for their Seattle to Hawaii vacation.  Most people know that Hawaii is known as having some of the best beaches in the world, they just don’t know which ones will suit their needs.  Taking time to research beaches in Hawaii can put you in the mood for your vacation, and also lead you towards a general vicinity or area to stay.  You may even want to actually vacation in a resort, hotel, or condo on or near that beach.

So what’s the best way to get a list of Hawaii’s best beaches?  For starters, you may want to speak to those that you know.  You will probably have friends or family that have vacationed in Hawaii.  What was their favorite beach?  Do they have a friend who knows of a good beach?

What about using the Internet to help?  You know that there is always a top 10 list out there.  Many websites will have detailed information on the best beaches with pictures too!  Don’t forget to check each island’s website also, they will have a general listing that will include maps and directions.

When getting your info together, make sure you focus on what you want the beach to provide for your Seattle to Hawaii vacation.  What I mean is, are you looking for a pristine, white sand beach that you want to just stroll on?  A beach where you can surf or body surf?  A beach where you can take a sailboat trip off?  A snorkeling beach?  You get the idea, try to focus on what you want your beach to provide.

After you have gotten your list drilled down, another good resource is to call a Seattle to Hawaii travel agent.  If you have not already booked your vacation package yet, they will be able to help you identify where you want to go, based on your dream beach.  They can also steer you away from any problem beaches that may not be listed as such on your list.  The good thing about calling a Hawaii destination specialist is that they will be able to find you the best deal, and book it for you too.

There is no better feeling that the sand between your toes, and the satisfaction of knowing you found it.  Research can be as much fun as the trip itself, so have some fun when you plan your next Seattle to Hawaii vacation.

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