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A Seattle To Hawaii Vacation Of Adventure

by Fergy Ferguson


Are you looking for A Seattle To Hawaii Vacation Of Adventure?  The answer is a resounding yes from many.  Figuring out exactly what your idea of adventure is a key for any Hawaii travel agent that is helping you with an itinerary that focuses on adventure.  In my last post I focused on a fun day with the kids in Waikiki.  Let’s come up with an active adult itinerary that will keep you busy.  The following day is just one of many that can be experience on your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation to O’ahu.

I am going to assume you have a car here, so lets start out with a few extra calories to burn off on your day of adventure.   From your hotel, head to a breakfast place, or better yet, why don’t you stop and get some fresh fruit, a couple of bottles of water, and some sort of protein.  A good place to find your protein in Waikiki is a Cheeseburger Restaurant for a breakfast sandwich.  There are 3 of them scattered throughout Waikiki, so you should have no problem locating one. You can stop at any ABC store to get your water and fruit, again, no problems finding an ABC store……

Your next stop is at my favorite place for a little snack, Leonard’s Bakery.  As you head out of Waikiki on Kapahulu Avenue, on your way to the H1 freeway, Leonard’s is on your right.  Sorry folks, if you don’t stop her and get some fresh malasadas, you will be depriving yourself of a little bit of heaven.  As you will see by the line, everybody loves these little Portuguese donuts.  Don’t hesitate to pull in and you will see that the line moves fast, and everybody grabs a bag and heads out for the rest of their day.

Your adventure destination today is The Kualoa Ranch for an ATV ride.  The Kualoa Ranch on eastern Oahu, is located in the beautiful Kualoa Valley.  When you go on your ATV trip, you just might recognize many of the spots you travel by as this valley, and the ranch are favorite filming spots for TV and movies.  Hawaii 5-0, Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Lost are just some of the many that have been filmed here.

After your ATV ride, you are off in search of your own waterfall on foot, and then to top it off, you are going for an exciting bike ride.  The Oahu Bike and Waterfall Hike is a fan favorite, and because you are already there in Kualoa Valley, you can meet this tour group right there.  This tour will get you outfitted with all the gear you will need, including boots and rain jacket as you hike along a mountain stream on your way to a secret 200 foot waterfall.  For extra excitement, they load aboard a shuttle that goes to the top of Tantalus, give you a helmet and then go over safety instructions, before sending you off on your cruiser bike down a 5 mile paved jungle road.  They even have a stop half way down for a deli style picnic.  Once down, you can then head back to Waikiki for a little casual dinner.

For some, that may have been a little tame, but for most people that will be a day to remember in one of the most beautiful spots on the ever surprising island of O’ahu.

Stay tuned for more daily itineraries coming up for your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation.

A hui ho…

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