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No New Tsunamis after 2 Quakes

by Fergy Ferguson

After 2 new major quakes in the Pacific, is Mother Nature getting ready to slap us around again?  First on last Wednesday we got this bulletin from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, “There is no Tsunami threat to Hawaii after an earthquake struck off the east coast of Honshu Japan”.  It registered a magnitude of 6.7, according to the US Geological Survey.  “A destructive pacific-wide Tsunami is not expected and there is no Tsunami threat to Hawaii”. 

O.K… then last Thursday, “The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says no tsunami has been generated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake off the Aleutian Islands”. It  was located 1035 miles west southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

The “Pacific Ring of Fire” in the Pacific Ocean seems to be restless, and starting another phase of activity.  Let’s hope we have no major upheavals in Pele’s home of Kilauea on The Big Island.  I lived on the Big Island when both active volcanos, Kilauea and Mauna Loa,  went off at the same time.  I have to tell you it was spectacular, but later…… it still gives me chicken skin to think that the island was literally on fire for a couple of weeks there….

Nothing new over last weekend, so let’s hope it was just a hiccup…..


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