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Kona Village Resort Reopening In 2013

by Fergy Ferguson

Is it true?  Is the Kona Village Resort reopening in 2013?  I wrote several posts about the effects of the tsunami on this resort back in March.  According to the story published in the West Hawaii Today by Erin Miller, CEO Patrick Fitzgerald believes the resort will reopen in 2013.  “It’s still our objective to rebuild it and reopen it,” Fitzgerald said. “I’m 99.9 percent certain that will happen.”

New Update – June 2012

Although there has not been an official estimate of the damage, it appears that it was in the tens of millions of dollars.  As is always the case in these instances, there is still plenty of negotiating happening between the insurance companies, the county, and the owners, to get the rebuilding project off the ground.  According to Fitzgerald, the county has been very helpful in working through the issues of upgrading the resort during rebuilding.   To adhere to county building codes, they will need to bury some of the utilities, and also make sure the signature hales are upgraded to the new fire codes.

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The Aloha spirit that has been shown throughout this ordeal from local residents and long time guests of the resort, show why this resort is so iconic in nature.  When it was determined that many of the staff of the resort would be severly affected by the closure of the resort, a local fund was established to help them transition to new jobs on the island.  Many of the former long time visitors to the resort gave to the fund and added many notes of encouragement.

This is the kind of story I like to write about my adopted home of Hawaii.  I will keep you posted on the progress of the rebuilding of an iconic hotel that truly represents the best of Hawaii.  Read the full article by Erin Miller in West Hawaii Today about the Kona Village Resort reopening in 2013.

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