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Hawaii’s Organic Farms Draw The Stars

by Fergy Ferguson


First Larry Ellison buys Lanai to grow organic strawberries, then Oprah decide to trademark a few new names like “Oprah’s Organics” and “Oprah’s Harvest”.  It appears that the perfect growing conditions, coupled with the rich volcanic soil, is adding the rich and famous to the organic bandwagon.  It is probably good that Hawaii’s Organic Farms Draw The Stars, and the industry gains even more attention in the form of these long time healthy stars getting into the organic farming business.

To many of us, it appears the “foodie” trends of yesteryear are starting to really become mainstream now.  Organic farming has been growing in popularity for some time now, and there are many celebrity chefs that swear they only use organic ingredients.  In addition to many more chefs and restaurants that are clamoring for additional sources for their organic offerings, organics are taking up more produce space in the markets too.  That is one of the reasons we are seeing long time celebrity land owners converting parts of their properties into these farms.  Even celebrities need to make sure they pay the bills, and this is a good way to do it in a sustainable way.

So is all this the best thing for Oprah and Larry Ellison to do with the precious land in Hawaii?  My vote is yes, let’s ask them to use their vast resources to open up yet another source of revenue for the Hawaii that we all love.

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