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Hawaii Lights Up New Solar Energy Farm

by Fergy Ferguson

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

Looky here, Hawaii Lights Up New Solar Energy Farm.  I love these types of reports coming out of Hawaii.  With the Hawaiian Islands being so isolated, they have always had to import much of their fuel to power the islands.  It is just natural that they would be looking for ways to become energy independent with their own renewable production.  They really have 4 major sources of becoming self reliant on the islands.

1. The Sun.  That’s what this story and the video above addresses.  I personally believe that this is the quickest, and most cost effective way for them to replace fossil fuels for powering their homes and businesses.  Solar technology is advancing rapidly, with panels that are cheaper and producing tons more electricity per square foot than just a couple of years ago.

2. The Wind.  They have already set up many wind farms on all the main islands.  The cost factor and some unexpected snags like turbines rusting, the locals not liking the visuals of the turbines, and the dearth of suitable spots for the placement of the turbines have slowed their growth.  I think the verdict is out as to whether wind power can provide as much power as was once thought.

3. Wave/Tide Energy.  One of the most promising forms of renewable energy comes from the sea that surrounds all the islands.  The technology for converting the power of the sea is still in it’s infancy, but is developing rapidly.  The major problems associated with this type of energy supply still revolve around the cost, and the current technology to actually produce the power.  Look for this to be one of the upcoming stars.

4. Thermal Energy.  The last major sources of energy for these islands is primarily being pursued on Hawaii’s Big Island.  The use of steam and heat from the very active volcanoes on Hawaii is another source that is being developed as we speak.

So what is the bottom line here?  I think that as the technology improves in all of these avenues, we will see Hawaii become the first state to become totally self sufficient with their own sources of renewable energy.

To me, it is interesting to see that America’s favorite tropical paradise will soon become it’s leader in renewable energy production.

A hui ho…

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