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Hawaii Hotel Rates Continue To Climb – Get A Hawaii Vacation Deal

by Fergy Ferguson

I am sure many of you have read how Hawaii Hotel Rates Continue To Climb.  What is behind the recent increases?  Quite of few issues are driving the increases, particularly the economic recovery in the US, and in Japan.  So, is the question “Why are the rates climbing?”, or is it really “How do I get a deal for my Hawaii Vacation?”

To help you understand why the rates of all types of accommodations are climbing, let me fill you in briefly with just 4 of the top reasons.

1. There are more affordable air seats coming to Hawaii now.  As a matter of fact, direct flights from Seattle to Hawaii have increased dramatically over the last 2 years.  That also means the addition of many more air seats up and down the West Coast.  So now we are suddenly back to pre-recession seat capacity, plus more, just from the West Coast.  The average increase in visitors, just from the West Coast for last year was 12.2%, and it’s continuing upward.

2.  The effects of the earthquake and tsunami have begun to fade in Japan.  In addition, Japan’s economy has started to heal from it’s long recession too.  This has caused the amount of visitors from Japan to rise by a whopping average of 21.7% for the year of 2012.

3. Many budget & mid-priced hotels and condo resorts were refurbished, and upgraded, over the last 3 years.  Plus there was an overall reduction in the room counts on Oahu by a net 4500 rooms.  Waikiki has worked hard to re-invent itself, by upgrading the amenities and hotel properties.  This successful re-invention of Waikiki has made it attractive to everybody again, thus further crimping the supply of accommodations.  The formula works out as, additional visitors plus less rooms equals higher rates.

4. The last thing that is driving the increase in rates is just plain old inflation.  When the recession was in full swing, fewer people traveled.  Add into the equation that there were fewer air seats available then, and you have a formula for empty rooms.  The hotels, condos, and resorts were competing heavily for a restricted supply of visitors.  That meant deals were offered everywhere from the hotels, resorts, and condos, even “last minute” types of deals.  Fast forward to 2012, where total incoming visitor traffic to Hawaii set a record last year.  So those days are gone now, and as occupancy rates have climbed to new records, the properties have raised their rates to get some of that remodel and upgrade money back.

You can still get great deals on your Hawaii vacation, you just need to go back to the old ways of booking your trip.  Use these 4 keys to build your Seattle to Hawaii Vacation.
1.  Plan ahead, think of booking at least 4 to 9 months in advance.
2. Package your trip, think of putting it all together through one source.
3. Be flexible on your travel dates, think of mid-week to mid-week, and shoulder seasons.
4. Set a reasonable budget, and work with a professional to get the best deals.  Don’t let “getting a deal” overrule getting value for your dollars.  Not only can most travel agent’s match any legitimate “apples to apples” prices you may find on-line, but they can also guide you away from the bad deals.  Plus, then you have somebody working with you to stretch those precious vacations dollars.

A hui ho….

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