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Big Surf Adds To Your Hawaii Vacation

by Fergy Ferguson

I have been asked how Big Surf Adds To Your Hawaii Vacation?  For those that have never seen the big waves anywhere, let alone on a Seattle to Hawaii vacation.  The awe that is inspired by watching the waves, and the surfers who ride them,  is something that stays with you for a long time. 

I often suggest to my clients, that are on Oahu for the winter surf season, to grab a picnic lunch and head to the North Shore for an afternoon at one of the big wave beaches.  Not only are the beaches themselves really great, the action is an ongoing show.  When you see these guys surfing, or what looks like falling, down the face of a 20 footer, you can’t help but be entertained.

Learn To Surf In Hawaii.

I just checked the surf report for Hawaii, and they have got more big waves today.  This is turning out to be a banner year for big waves, as they have had no less than 15 days of big surf.  The timing of this new swell couldn’t be better, as The 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro on Oahu’s North Shore is off to a great start.  Yesterday saw some great rides, including a perfect 10 by Kawai Lindo.   Today’s surf will probably be some of the best for this contest, and hopefully will lead to more great rides like yesterday.

You don’t have to be on just Oahu to see big waves, or great surfers riding them.  Maui has many spots along the west facing coast where you can pull off and watch for awhile.  From Lahaina’s Harbor break-wall, and north to Honolua Bay can be some of the best places to watch surfers having a great time.  Of course when it gets really big, everybody heads to Peahi, otherwise known as Jaws.  Kauai has Anahola Bay, and the magical Hanalei Bay.  And finally, Hawaii’s Big Island has great surfing too, albeit not as big as the other islands in winter.  The Big Island doesn’t normally get the real big surf in the winter season due to the fact that all the other islands shield it from the big swells.

I think the most important thing here is that yes, Big Surf does add to your Hawaii vacation.  Stop at a local surf shop and ask where the best places are for the big waves, best beach for watching, and where the best place to stop for you picnic lunch is.  As I said before, if you get the chance to watch the action, it will be a Seattle to Hawaii vacation experience you not soon forget.

A hui ho….

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