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Sneaking Out For Some Golf On Your Seattle To Hawaii Vacation

by Fergy Ferguson

I know, your wife doesn’t play, so you have been thinking about sneaking out for some golf on your Hawaii vacation.  You would think that would be easy.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no, there can be a myriad amount of things that can stop you.  I think I have found a good solution for you, at least on Oahu. 

The problem is that you didn’t bring your clubs, or you don’t want to hassle with renting clubs.  What about picking, and then getting to a course?  What about the tee times, the cart?  I am a single, is that a problem?  This could end up being a pain in the rear, unless somebody does all that.

Up pops a company in Oahu called “Aloha Golf Tours”.  These guys arrange everything for you, come and get you and take you back, and give you several good courses to choose from.  The only thing you need is a swing to take to the course…

Golf In Hawaii

The next time you are on Oahu, why don’t you think about sneaking out for some golf on your Seattle to Hawaii vacation?

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