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Bring Your Wallet For Golf In Maui

by Fergy Ferguson

Just started reviewing my options for golf this year in Maui and ouch!!!  It looks like you have to Bring Your Wallet For Golf In Maui these days, as a matter of fact, you may want to bring a credit card with low rates.  I have not played these last several trips due to a shoulder operation, and the limited time we have had for our vacations.  This year, I am going to hit lots of buckets to get ready, and I hope to play 4 or 5 times.   I have a new friend (who is a friend of another friend) that wants to play a round or two at the local courses in the south end, and as is always the case, I will try to play one or two rounds at Kapalua in “Da Game”, which can work out to be great pricing if you get picked by a competitive team.

When I started looking at the price on some of the better courses in the south end, I noticed that they had gone up significantly from the last time I played down there at that end of the island.  Now, I thought I heard that the golfing powers that be were concerned about the lack of people playing now, and the amount of new players coming into the game.  Well boys, I am here to tell you that rates of $150.00 to $200.00 per round is not going to bring new golfers into the game.  I do remember when the price of a round of golf at better courses hovered around $100.00, and always felt that as long as the experience, and service warranted it, that that was a good price point.  It seems that if a course gets a PGA tour stop of any kind, even a non-sanctioned event, that they then feel that they can double the rates.

Now, I also have to be fair here and mention that the courses up north seem to have gotten a little full of themselves too.  Rates of $250.00 plus for visitors limits play guys, and you ain’t going to sell more than one hat or shirt to these people.  I realize that there are golfers out there that will pay that much more than once, but I am talking about core golfers here.  Hey guys, listen up…’s mid-handicappers trying to get better that keep the sport solvent, and drive round counts up a your golf courses….and those guys can’t spend that kind of money to play, because to get better they have to play a lot……

O.K., I have ranted a little bit and I have got to be fair.  I see that  you can still moderate your pricing with multiple round packages, and by playing some twilight rounds.  I highly suggest you look into these options because after all, for us golfers, these Maui golf courses have to all be played at least once.

I am off to the range to see if I can find my single digit swing again, my buddies are just loving watching me play out of the woods these days…..

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